About Al-Sabeel

Our store design is just as fresh and welcoming as our menu items. Catering Lebanese Cuisine to customers across Windsor and Essex County since 2005, we seek to provide the total customer experience from the time you order right until you finish your last bite. We utilize neutral and serene colors that are the essence of fresh Mediterranean design, hoping to transport you over the course of your meal. Furthermore, we make sure to take pride in every meal we serve to a customer, as we love getting to know our consumers and want them to keep coming back for more!

Our Customers

"Al Sabeel has always maintained the highest quality of food and service. Dining in or taking out, I have never once been disappointed when visiting this restaurant. Among the many Lebanese restaurants in Windsor, I will confidently say this is number one."

Mr Painovoima

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday

10am - 10pm


11am - 10pm

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